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Period source[edit]

Ingeram Codex 028 1489 KingDavidBordure.JPG Unusual Complex Bordure, attributed arms of King David, Ingeram Codex, f28, 1489

[Illustration from PicDic]

Modern source[edit]

Pennsic Traceable Art Project:

Parker's Heraldry:[edit]


Precedents of the SCA College of Arms - [[1]] Morsulus Heralds Website - [[2]] (to search the LoARs and Precedents)

From February 2008 LoAR: #93Henil von Berg. Name change from Kevin Daniel Madoc and device change. Gules, the Ark of the Covenant Or. The Ark of the Covenant is a period heraldic charge, appearing in Legh's Accedens of Armory// as //Sable, an Arke Or//; these are attributed arms (to the Levites), but period armory nonetheless. The Ark of the Covenant is depicted here slightly in trian aspect; this is the same manner it is depicted in Legh. We are retaining the long form, //Ark of the Covenant//, rather than using //ark//, since in SCA heraldry an //ark is a type of ship. As the Ark of the Covenant appears only in the attributed arms the Tribe of Levi, the question was raised whether or not its use was presumptuous. The use of the Ark of the Covenant is not in and of itself presumptuous as we do not consider a claim to be a member of the Tribe of Levi presumptuous.

The [[3]]:[edit]