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Basic Information:[edit]

Many combinations of azure and gules (blue and red), especially azure on gules and gules on azure, would be considered low contrast and would be un-registerable using the Core Style rules. They would have to be registered as an Individually Attested Pattern formerly known as a Regional Style Exception.

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Period Examples:[edit]

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Red-on-blue15th-16thcChristineWard-Wieland.jpg 15th and 16th century examples of gules on azure (red on blue) collected by Christine Leigh Ward-Wieland


1506-1509 Livro do Armeiro-Mor (Livre du Grand Armurier)

  • Blue lions on red fields

Barbato Chefe (97): Gules, a bend argent between two lions azure. Barroso (121): Gules, five lions azure ?banded Or.

  • Blue bordures on red fields

Borges Chefe (80): Gules, a lion Or and a bordure azure semy-de-lis Or. Dosem Chefe (85): Gules, a lion Or and a bordure azure semy of escallops argent.

  • Blue charges on red fields:

Dantes Chefe (117v): Gules, a cross of lozenges azure. João Álvares Colaço (118): Gules, on a bend azure between two trees vert a lion Or.

Iberian AzureGules.jpg


Regional Exceptions to the Rule of Tincture, Vol. 01 (German) - [[2]]

Regional Exceptions to the Rule of Tincture, Vol. 02 (more German) - [[3]]

See also Azure and Gules (German, Dutch) for more German & Dutch examples.

BSB310 f125r 1540 GulesAzure.JPG Siebmacher plate38-diehudtstocker.jpg Siebmacher_1605_gulesvertmountsonazure.jpg
Wappenbuch - BSB Cod.icon. 310, [S.l.] Süddeutschland, Ende 15. Jh. - 1540, paly gules and azure Siebmacher Plate 28, Gules, a conical hat azure trimmed ermine, die Hudtstocker (28). Siebmacher, 1605. Gules mount issuant (?) from dexter on an azure field with a vert base. Image courtesy of Andreas Lucernensis.
UniverseelWapenboek c1558 KM1074 &1076 GyronnyFimbriated.jpg BSB310_f125r_1540_GulesAzure.JPG
Universeel Wapenboek, Dutch c. 1558, gyronny fibriated Or? filet cross and saltire Or? Anton Tyrol Wappenbuch, 1540, f125r, paly gules and azure


The arms of Hendley: HendleyAzureGules1619.JPG

BSB 291 f44v English 16th Cent. BSB291, f19r, English 16th C

Walters847_16th_f59_alternatingsemy.jpg Walters MS 847, folio 59, 16th cent English [[4]]


See Azure and Gules (Italian)

Eastern Europe:[edit]

Szczecin (Stettin), Poland: Azure, a griffin's head erased gules, armed and crowned, within a bordure Or. (color-on-color) @

Telšiai County, Lithuania: Gules, a bear rampant sable collared argent within a bordure azure semy of orthodox crosses Or. @

Vilniaus County, Lithuania: Gules, an armored knight maintaining a spear argent tipped Or and on a shield azure an orthodox cross Or, sejant upon a horse sable furnished azure, within a bordure azure semy of orthodox crosses Or. @

Arms of Peter Zawada (1571): Azure, sejant affronty on a black bear passant a woman with arms raised, robed gules, crined and crowned Or. @

From Großes Wappenbuch..., [edit]

enthaltend die Wappen der deutschen Kaiser, der europäischen Königs- und Fürstenhäuser, der Päpste und Kardinäle, Bischöfe und Äbte bis zu den lebenden Repräsentanten zur Zeit der Regentschaft Kaiser Rudolfs II. und Papst Gregors XIII. - Cod.icon. 333 [S.l.] Süddeutschland 1583 @,00006.html (collected by Gunnvor silfrahar)

Federicus 2: Azure, on a bend gules between three fleurs-de-lys Or, three {hammers?} argent. @

Lifsland (?): Azure, a gryphon segreant Or winged gules. @

Cardinal Petrus deya Hisp (?): Per pale, azure two baskets Or in pale within a bordure gules, and argent upon a lozebge azure a tower Or. @

Bishop Axencis H: Azure, a Lamb of God argent haloed Or maintaining a gonfannon argent. within a bordure engrailed gules. @

Bishop Bary F: Azure, three crosses couped Or within a bordure nebuly gules. @

Bishop Camplo F: Azure, a chevron gules between in chief two mullets of six and in base a crescent argent. @

Montpensier: Azure, a bend gules and three fleurs-de-lys Or. @

Bishop Edisenus F: Azure, in chief within and conjoined to a crescent Or a mullet of six arget, and in base three crosses in fess couped gules. @

Bishop Gracia F: Azure, a fleur-de-lus argent between three cinquefoils gules eyed Or. @

Bishop Walislam: Gules, an arm issuant from dexter edge and another issuant from sinister edge proper vested argent maintaining a crown Or, within a bordure azure. @

Bishop Constantinopolitanus: Azure, a bordure gules and overall upon a bend argent three fishes naiant Or. @

Bishop Comien P: Azure, {some angular symbol-looking thing} gules. @

Bishop Roidenbury: Gules, a {cotton boll} argent with a stem on a trimount issuant from base Or, within a bordure azure with a trimount issuant from its base Or. @

Cardinal Fioromiza: Azure, on a bend gules between two mullets of six Or, three mullets of six argent. @

Alençon: Azure six fleurs-de-lys Or three, two and one, and on a bordure gules seven plates. @

Cardinal Bisanna: Per fess azure and Or, a cross bottony gules. @

Cardinal Florennz: Azure, on a bend gules between two mullets of six Or, three mullets of six argent within a bordure gules. @

Cardinal Scelarnigo: Per fess gules and argent a bend azure. @

Cardinal Claudius de Bonna Barry: Per bend sinister azure and Or, a bend dancetty Argent and on a chief triangular gules a demi dragon argent. @

Cardinal Gabriel Paleottus: Azure, a mountain of six peaks gules and in chief three fleurs-de-lys Or. @

Cardinal Scipio Lencelotus: Azure, a label couped gules, between a chief triangular gules charged with a demi dragon Or, and five mullets of six argent. @

Sitten sive Wallis: Azure, in chief two mullets of six Or and in base a linden branch fesswise sable leaved gules. @

Tull: Azure, a stag's head affrony with a cross between its antlers Or, within a bordure gules. @

Friderici II Electoris: {Blazoning quarter 2 only} Azure, a gryphon segreant gules armed and crowned Or. @ (No Name): Azure, a gryphon segreant gules armed and crowned Or. @


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