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Basic Information:[edit]

Many combinations of azure and gules (blue and red), especially azure on gules and gules on azure, would be considered low contrast and would be un-registerable using the Core Style rules. They would have to be registered as an Individually Attested Pattern formerly known as a Regional Style Exception.

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Period Examples:[edit]

Low-contrast field treatments/divisions:[edit]

Trivulziano: "Induno: bendy azure & gules... P180" c. 1470–1480.

"Libro d'Oro della Nobiltà di Genova" has "Bendy azure and gules" somewhere in its pages.. Date? ScorzaAzureGulesLibrod'OrodellaNobiltadiGenova.jpg

Low-contrast central ordinaries:[edit]

"Libro d'Oro della Nobiltà di Genova" has "Gules, a bend azure". Date? ScorzaAzureGulesLibrod'OrodellaNobiltadiGenova.jpg

Chief Collected Insignia
Chief of allegiance? Nebuly tierce? Red on blue Collected by Christine Leigh Ward-Wieland Insignia Venetorum, BSB 272 f175, 1550-55, azure on gules, mullet, cross

Low-contrast complex primaries:[edit]

Italian low contrast.jpg Italian, low-contrast peripheral charges, Guelph chiefs of allegiance, collected by Christine Leigh Ward-Wieland

Low-contrast peripheral ordinaries:[edit]


Low-contrast primary charges with low-contrast secondary charges:[edit]


Low-contrast primary charges with low-contrast secondary charges and high-contrast tertiary charges:[edit]



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