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Glossary of Terms:[edit]

The state of having charges distributed evenly or in accordance with period heraldic rules. Balance is not the same as symmetry. As a general rule, if all the charges are on one side of the shield, the design is considered unbalanced. However, period sensibilities for balance are not always obvious to the modern eye, and period heraldic designs should be consulted before making any categorical statements about balance. By looking at period designs, we find that Azure, in chief three escallops Or// is balanced, but //Azure, to dexter three escallops in pale Or// is less balanced. Likewise, we find that //Quarterly gules and argent, in dexter chief a mullet argent// is balanced, but //Quarterly gules and argent, in dexter base a mullet argent is not balanced. [[1]]

Also an heraldic charge. See Balance (charge).


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