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From the Glossary of Terms - The verbal or written description of a piece of armory. [see also Emblazon] [[1]]

A Heraldic Primer: Blazon and Emblazon[edit]

A heraldic picture is called an emblazon//. Emblazons are visual manifestations of heraldic insignia, typically displayed on shields or flags. Because emblazons are awkward to work with, heraldry uses a specialized jargon called //blazon// to describe shields and flags. Persons skilled in heraldry can discuss shields entirely in blazon, without ever drawing the emblazons. As a noun, the word //"blazon"is also used to refer to the heraldic description of a shield or flag. The great advantage of blazon over plain English is that blazon terms are defined more precisely than English ones. As a result, one can describe a shield more accurately and in fewer words with blazon than one can in plain English. The distinction between blazon and emblazon is an important one, since there is not a one-to-one correspondence between blazons and emblazons. In many cases, a particular emblazon can be blazoned// (=described in heraldic language) in more than one way. And no two heraldic artists will //emblazon (=draw) a given blazon in exactly the same way. But for well-designed heraldry, the blazon captures the important features of the emblazon, and, given a blazon, a trained heraldic artist should be able to produce a reasonable facsimile of the original emblazon. [[2]]


A Grammar of Blazonry or Master Bruce's Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Blazon [[3]]

Quizlet Flashcards - Anpliça Fiore has created a series of on-line flashcards to assist in learning the terminology of blazon.



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