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Prick-song book, Crest of the Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks, modern rendition of 1582 arms


Pictorial Dictionary of SCA Heraldry (3rd edition):

See also billet, scroll, tablet (Mosaic).

  • [[2]] (piece of paper or parchment transfixed by a larger object)
  • [[3]]


Pennsic Traceable Art Project: [(open)]


Academy of St. Gabriel "Medieval Heraldry Archive" - [[4]] Archive of St. Gabriel reports - [[5]] Laurel Armory Articles - [[6]] Period Armorials


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November 2006 - correct depiction of open book:[edit]

[A standing seraph gules... standing atop an open book] This is returned for problems with depiction of the book. As Black Stag noted:

  • An open book is usually fully open and fully vertical to the viewer (as if you had opened the book flat and then glued the book cover to the escutcheon on which the charge lies - or alternately, as if you fully opened the book and balanced it on the table so that the book was resting on the bottoms of its pages and the bottom edge of the book cover.) I'd expect that armory with a bird perched atop an open book would have the open book would be in this usual orientation, with the bird happily perched atop the top edges of the pages and spine. Likewise, I'd expect a standing seraph standing atop an open book to look as if it were standing on top of a wall, where the "sides of the wall" were the book's pages and the "top of the wall" the top edges of the pages and the top edge of the book cover.
  • Here, the open book is tilted at least 45 degrees "into the shield" - the seraph is clearly not standing on the top edges of the open book, but standing in the center of a book that is definitely at a slope, if not almost "flat" (rather than "on edge").

The use of trian aspect is sufficient grounds for return per RfS VIII.1.c.i., which states that "Charges may only be drawn in perspective if they were so depicted in period armory." [Alys Mackyntoich and Brunissende Dragonette de Brocéliande, [[10]] R-East]

Registerability (Restricted, Reserved, SFPP, OOP):[edit]


September 2005 - book vs scroll:[edit]

There is a CD between a scroll and a book. [Ymanya Murray, [[11]] A-Outlands]

March 2002 - open vs closed book:[edit]

[Sable, three open books Or] This submission raised the question of whether we should give difference between open and closed books. Both are found in period armory: the open book in the arms of Oxford in 1585 and the closed book in the arms of Cambridge in 1572. There are few books found in period heraldry, so it is not easy to generalize about period distinctions between open and closed books, although there is a fair amount of evidence showing that Oxford and Cambridge consistently use their books in the open and closed forms respectively in the 17th C and beyond. Without evidence of period practice, we must rely on visual distinction, and open and closed books are visually distinct. This is therefore clear of conflict with ... Sable, a closed book palewise Or, with one CD for changing the number of books and another for open versus closed books. It is similarly clear of conflict with ... Vert, three closed books palewise, spines to sinister Or, with one CD for changing the field and another for open versus closed books. [Emma in draumspaka, [[12]], A-An Tir]


Collected Precedents:[edit]

2nd Tenure of Elisabeth de Rossignol (April 2011 - August 2011) - [[13]] 1st Tenure of Elisabeth de Rossignol (May 2005 - July 2008) - BOOK and SCROLL, BOOK The 2nd Tenure of François la Flamme (October 2004 - May 2005) - [and SCROLL] The Tenure of Shauna of Carrick Point (May 2004 - August 2004) - [[14]] The 1st Tenure of François la Flamme (August 2001 - April 2004) - [[15]] The Tenure of Elsbeth Anne Roth (June 1999 - July 2001) - [Armory Precedents] The Tenure of Jaelle of Armida (June 1996 - June 1999) - [HTML Document] The 2nd Tenure of Da'ud ibn Auda (November 1993 - June 1996) -

The Tenure of Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme (June 1992 - October 1993) - [[16]] The 1st Tenure of Da'ud ibn Auda (June 1990 - June 1992) -

The Tenure of Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane (September 1986 - June 1990) - [[17]] The Tenure of Baldwin of Erebor (August 1984 - August 1986) - [HTML Document] The Tenure of Wilhelm von Schlüssel (August 1979 - August 1984) - [[18]] The Tenure of Karina of the Far West (December 1975 - June 1979) - [[19]] The Early Days (June 1971 - June 1975) - [Precedents]

In the Ordinary:[edit]

(includes parchment, scroll)