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French: <Brunette> dated to 1404, Morlet Picarde. <Brunelle> 1384, showing the same pattern of feminizing a diminutive, Morlet Picarde. <Le Brun> 1276, 1380, 1384, 1438; Morlet Picarde.

  • 1276 Morlet Picarde. <le brun>, <le Brun>, <la brune> 1292 Paris (first two masc., third fem.). <dictus Brune> 1295 Morlet Picarde (masc.), <Brune> 13th C, 1327 Morlet Picarde, <Brun>, <Bruyn>, <Bruun> 1470x1520 Bordeaux. The last two show strong Dutch influence.

    General Sources:[edit]

    Academy of St. Gabriel "Medieval Names Archive" - [[1]] Database of medieval names (from the Medieval Names Archive) - Laurel Name Articles -


    Precedents of the SCA College of Arms - [[2]] Morsulus Heralds Website - [[3]] (to search the LoARs and Precedents)

    From the <month> <year> LoAR: