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WARNING: Do not cite this page as a reference. This page is on this wikispace only to make the content "searchable" and easier to find. If you find the information you seek here, go to the original sources to verify the information and use them for your documentation.

Period Forms:[edit]

Catsley - undated header form in Ekwall.

  • Catesclive from the Domesday Book.
  • Cattesclive is dated 1227 FF (Feet of Fines for the County of Norfolk 1198-1202 or Feet of Fines for the County of Lincoln 1199-1216).

Catsley - second entry in Ekwall, with the dated form Catekesle ("Catoc's leah") dated 1255.

Catsley as plausible variant spelling of Catesley

  • Cateclyffe and Catclyffe s.n. Catcliffe in A.H. Smith "The Place Names of the West Riding of Yorkshire Part 1" -
  • From Watts.
    • Catt 'a wild cat' as a prototheme, spelled *Cat*:
    • s.n. Catford - Catford (1332)
    • s.n. Catcliffe - Catclif(f) -clyf(f)(e) (1322-1593)
    • s.n. Catforth - Catford (1332), Catforthe (1514)
    • s.n. Catmore - Catmere (1086-1428)
    • Genitive singular forms of Catt (var. spellings):
    • s.n. Catsfield - Cat(t)esfeld(e) (12th-15th C)
    • s.n. Catshill - Catshill (1427)
    • s.n.Caston - Cattestun - ton (1191, 1194)
    • -lega/-legh/-leigh/-ley as a deuterotheme, using possessives:
    • s.n. Bardsley - Berdesley (1422) - this one uses a possessive
    • s.n. Barnsley - Barneslai(a), -ley(a) -lay (c.1120-1597)
    • s.n. East Ilsley - Illesley (1442)

We also can build it as surname (with or without the possessive) + generic toponym using Juliana's "Compound Placenames in English" ( Examples:

  • Bessilles Lee
  • Squirrels Heath
  • Ballardes Wood

And in fact, Watts has an example using "cat":

  • s.n. Catthorpe - has the compound place name Catthorp(e) dated from 1218 (named after someone named Ysabelle le Cat/Ysabelle Chat).

Other Potential Sources:[edit]


  • Precedents of the SCA College of Arms - [[1]]
  • Morsulus Heralds Website - [[2]] (to search the LoARs and Precedents)
  • Use the above links to be sure any precedents listed below haven't been superseded by newer precedents.


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