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Period source/s:[edit]

An Ordinary of Siebmacher's Wappenbuch -

Modern sources:[edit]

Pictorial Dictionary of SCA Heraldry (3rd edition):[edit]

Pennsic Traceable Art Project


From the May 2000 LoAR:

The chaussé line of division, along with chapé and vetu , are different from other lines of divisions in that the outer portions never contained charges in period. Thus we can also not allow charges that overlap the outer portions.

May 2000 LoAR

From the March 1998 LoAR:

It cannot be as it was blazoned, as we do not charge vêtu, chapé or chaussé.

March 1998 LoAR

From the May 1996 LoAR:

Nor do we charge the shod part of a chapé or chaussé field.

May 1996 LoAR

The Ordinary :[edit]