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Period source:[edit]

Cockatrice displayed:[edit]

Edward Buggin arms, confirmed 1578, Sable, a cockatrice displayed argent, crowned Or from Dennys's Heraldic Imagination, p.186




Pennsic Traceable Art Project:[edit]




From November 1997 LoAR: Cockatrice are considered different from dragons and therefore do not conflict with one another. This is confirmed in the Precedents of the SCA CoA, citing from the November 1997 LoAR of the armory of Wolfger von Lausfenburg: "[a dragon vs a cockatrice] We do not normally give a difference for changing the head only of a beast or monster. However, since they were considered different monsters in period, and since the head is not obscured in any way, we are willing to grant it the necessary CD to make it clear of these possible conflicts." November 1997 LoAR & Laurel Precedent

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