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"Transfix" vs "enfile" - which is used apparently depends on whether the pierced charge already has a hole (enfiled) or not (transfixed).


Period source/s:[edit]

Eye enfiled by a wooden staff proper?

An Ordinary of Siebmacher's Wappenbuch - http://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/heraldry/siebmacher/f-siebmacher.html




Pennsic Traceable Art Project

Parker's Heraldry[edit]

Enfiled, (fr. enfilé). When a sword] is drawn with the head of a beast, a coronet, or any other object so placed that the blade pierces it though, the sword is said to be enfiled with such an object; or in the case of rings, crowns, or fillets, though which a sword or crosier is passed, the term may also be used.


> Gules, three keys enfiled with as many crowns or–Robert ORFORD, Bp. of Ely, 1303-10. > Azure, a sword palewise argent, enfiled in chief by a dexter hand couped fessways gules, all between two mullets pierced or–MAC MORUN. > Per pale azure and gules, over all a lion passant guardant holding a crosier enfiled with a mitre or; all within a bordure argent charged with eight text B’s sable–BERMONDSEY, Cluniac Priory, Surrey. > Argent, on a cross patty gules a crosier enfiling a mitre or–Bishopric of CORK and ROSS.

Transfixed: pierced through. http://karlwilcox.com/parker/?e=transfixed


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October 1993[edit]

An arrow argent enfiling a serpent involved] The definition of the term enfile has changed over the years. Boutell (English Heraldry, 1902) equates it with "pierce": a sword passing through a crown would enfile the crown. Brooke-Little (An Heraldic Alphabet, 1975) equates it with "encircle": a sword passing through a crown would be enfiled by the crown. The confusion is sufficient reason to avoid the use of the term, but sometimes (as with this submission) it's hard to avoid. Friar (Dictionary of Heraldry, 1987, p.137) agrees with Boutell's definition; and that definition does follow more naturally from the etymology of the word (from French fil, "thread": beads are threaded on a string, crowns are enfiled on [by] a sword). That is the definition used here. (Audrey Wormsbane of Brittany, October, 1993, pg. 8)


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Collected Precedents:[edit]

Tenure of Elisabeth de Rossignol (May 2005 - July 2008) - NA