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From the April 2005 LoAR: [(Fieldless) In pale a furison Or conjoined to a gunstone issuing flames proper.] This badge is returned for violating RfS XI.1, which says, "Armory that contains elements reserved to or required of certain ranks, positions, or territorial entities, inside or outside the Society, is considered presumptuous." In this case, the use of a gold furison striking a flint issuing flames gives the appearance that the submitter is claiming membership in the Toison d'Or (Order of the Golden Fleece), one of the most prominent orders in our period.

This order, whose membership was restricted to the highest nobility, was founded by Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy and Count of Flanders, in 1429. Its members typically wore the badge of the order, a golden fleece, suspended from a collar made of links that each depict an enflamed flint between and struck by two gold furisons. This flint-and-steel motif makes reference to a livery badge used by the founder of the order (D'Arcy Jonathan Dacre Boulton, The Knights of the Crown: The Monarchical Orders of Knghthood in Later Medieval Europe 1325-1520, pp. 366-367). Period illustrations of this collar can be seen on p. 85 of Ottfried Neubecker,Heraldry: Sources, Symbols and Meaning, and on p. 84 of Carl-Alexander von Volborth, The Art of Heraldry, as well as in many portraits of the order's illustrious members.

While the collar described above is the most common representation of this motif, examples showing different combinations of furison and enflamed flint, with or without a golden fleece, can also be seen in portraits and in regalia associated with the Toison d'Or. For example, La Toison d'Or Bruges 1962, a catalog from a exhibition on the order, shows a 15th C half-circle cloak decorated with a single furison striking an enflamed flint together with the arms of Burgundy and Artois. The same catalogue also includes a portrait of Floris van Egmont (c. 1519-1520) in which the subject wears the golden fleece conjoined to a single flint-and-steel suspended from a ribbon rather than the usual collar. In addition, a portrait of Jean de Luxembourg (c. 1510-1520), also found in the exhibition catalogue, shows the subject wearing a pendent which depicts a flint enflamed conjoined to a fleece, with no furison at all.

All of these examples suggest that both gold furisons and enflamed flints, separately or together, are closely associated with the Toison d'Or. Moreover, it appears that members of the Toison d'Or used various combinations of furison, flint, and fleece to represent their connection to the order. Therefore, we will consider presumptuous the use, in any orientation, of any combination of two or more of the following: a fleece Or, a furison Or, and a flint of any tincture enflamed Or, gules, or proper. [Ianto van Diemen, [[9]], R-Lochac]




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