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BSB390Brechtel_horns.jpg BSB280InsigniaEquitumGallici_crescents.jpg
BSB 390 Brechtel Wappenbuch, 1554-68, interlaced horns Insignia Equitum Gallici 1550-55, interlaced crescents
Fish interlaced


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Pennsic Traceable Art Project:[edit]

Period Reference:[edit]

Annulets interlaced:[edit]

  • arms of Burton, "Sable, three gauntlets apaumy and in chief three annulets interlaced argent"; and the
  • (possibly canting) arms of Hawberk, "Argent, on a bend sable three sets of three annulets interlaced Or". Both are from Randle Holme's Book, c.1460. [Courtesy of Bruce Draconarius]


Academy of St. Gabriel "Medieval Heraldry Archive" -

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Precedents of the SCA College of Arms - [[1]] Morsulus Heralds Website - [[2]] (to search the LoARs and Precedents)

November 2011 Cover Letter:[edit]

From Wreath: Voided (and Interlaced) Charges This month we ruled that charges that are voided as part of their definition, such as mascles and annulets, may be used in all types of charge groups. This clarifies section VIII.3 of the Rules for Submissions, which requires that "Voiding and fimbriation may only be used with simple geometric charges placed in the center of the design." This rule was interpreted in February 2011 to mean that mullets of eight points voided and interlaced were too complex to be used as a charge not in the center of the design. More recent interpretations have included mullets of five and six points voided and interlaced in this ruling, preventing their use as non-primary charges. However, as mullets of five and six points voided and interlaced can be found in period armory and are simpler and more recognizable than a mullet of eight points voided and interlaced, we have declared their voiding and interlacing to be part of their definition of type, and so they may also be used as non-primary charges. We will continue to not use the terms pentagram or pentacle, due to their possible confusion over whether or not an annulet is involved. [[3]]

From the September 2010 LoAR:[edit]

Yvette Coeur. Device. Per fess purpure and vert, on a heart argent in pale a triquetra vert interlaced with a triquetra inverted purpure. This device is returned for lack of identifiability of the tertiary charges. Section VIII.3 of the Rules for Submissions requires that "Elements must be used in a design so as to preserve their individual identifiability." It specifies that "Identifiable elements may be rendered unidentifiable by ... being obscured by other elements of the design." Commenters were unanimous in having difficulty identifying the interlaced triquetras. Image at [[4]] [[5]]

From the May 2004 LoAR:[edit]

Fiachra mac Domhnaill. Name and device. Per bend azure, and gules semy of oak leaves, in sinister chief a trefoil knot interlaced with an annulet Or. Questions were raised in commentary about the identifiability of the motif a trefoil knot interlaced with an annulet//. We note the recent registrations of //a triquetra braced with an annulet// (Aoife inghean ui hEaluighthe, July 2002) and //a Bowen knot crosswise braced with an annulet (Fergus O'Fey, September 2001). This motif is very similar to those motifs, and is therefore also acceptable. The depiction of this motif in this submission was identifiable as such, so we are registering it. [[6]]

From the August 1993 LoAR:[edit]

Mullets of six or more points may be voided and interlaced (the Star of David, for instance, is perfectly acceptable). (Diego Mundoz, August, 1993, pg. 6)


From the May 1993 LoAR:[edit]

There are no period examples of inserting charges within the interlacing of braced chevrons; usually, such interlacing was done so tightly as to leave no room for charges between the gaps. While we might permit charges in the gaps between braced chevrons in a Society design, the other problems in this design combine to warrant return for non-period style. (Gwendolyn æt Faegerlea, May, 1993, pg. 14) [[8]]

Collected Precedents:[edit]

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