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Full Name Desired[edit]

  • Basic info about the name: culture, meaning, sound...

Given Name[edit]

  • Documentation for name


Angus MacClerie. Name. Submitted as Angus MacClarie, we have changed it to a documented form. .

Anglicized form dated to temp. Eliz I - James I Page Header
M'Clerie 331 Mac Cléirig. (Mac Cléirigh)

  • Donnell McO'Clerie of Fahy

  • s.n. Donnell "Donnell McO'Clerie of Fahy" 1603-4 210 P-James-1_Ewen
  • s.n. Gillebride (Gaelic: Giolla Bhrighdhe) "Gillebride O Clerie" 1602-3 118-122 F-Eliz-18 6761 (5480.)


  • Documentation for the combination of the names
  • Needed if lingual mix, temporal incompatibility, double-given name, etc.