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This is the new home of the SCA Heraldry Wiki, since wikispaces closed.

It has been suggested that a searchable wiki for SCA Heraldry would be useful. And when the subject comes up, it is determined that, ideally, someone with knowledge of Wiki programming should take on this project, hosting it at a secure server that "we" own and control. After six years of living on a wiki farm, we now have a "real" wiki here!!

If you have some competence in SCA Heraldry and/or wiki programing (MediaWiki) and would like to help, you're welcome to join in!

Templates have been created for your use. See the Basic Instructions in the left sidebar.

Entries should refrain from personal opinions, and should generally quote from official SCA Heralds documents such as the Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory (SENA), the Glossary of Terms, Laurel Precedents, Letters of Acceptances and Returns, and other recognized references. The original sources should be clearly noted and, if possible, linked.

WARNING: Do not cite this website as a reference. This website is a collection of information from more reliable sources brought together here for easy reference. If you have found the information you seek here, go to the original sources of the information which are clearly indicated (and usually linked) within each article. Confirm the information in those original references and use them in your documentation.

This wiki has 905 articles and over 400 images incorporating:

  • The Index of the Ordinary of the SCA Armorial
  • The Glossary of Terms, including Reserved/Restricted Charges, Proper Colorings and Default Postures
  • The Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory (SENA) with Appendices
  • The Administrative Handbook
  • The Heraldic Primer (the original one by Stephen Gold)
  • An annotated index of the Pennsic Traceable Art Project
  • The Index of the Pictorial Dictionary of SCA Heraldry, 3rd Edition
  • Precedents from the Cover Letters from 2012 to the present
  • Compiled Name Precedents
  • Compiled Armory Precedents
  • Miscellaneous precedents as they've come up on heraldic discussions
  • Numerous period devices as they've come across in heraldic discussions
  • Links to Modar University, St. Gabriel's Academy (articles and reports), period armorials, artwork sources, on-line names sources, etc. etc.

This is obviously not an official document of SCA, Inc., the SCA College of Arms or any of their subsidiaries, etc.

If you deem something to be in violation of copyright, please let me know -sofya at heraldshill dot org