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Period Forms:[edit]

  • Name - Summarize documentation as you would on a submission form - period spelling, type of name (eg. English feminine give name), date, source.

Other Potential Sources:[edit]


  • Precedents of the SCA College of Arms - [[1]]
  • Morsulus Heralds Website - [[2]] (to search the LoARs and Precedents)
  • Use the above links to be sure any precedents listed below haven't been superseded by newer precedents.


From Pelican: No More SCA-Compatibility[edit]

On the May 2008 Cover Letter, we ruled: > Therefore, as of the May 2009 decisions meetings, we declare that no new name elements or name patterns will be ruled SCA-compatible, that all names previously ruled SCA-compatible are no longer SCA-compatible and that in order for them to be registered, documentation meeting the same standards as for non-SCA-compatible names will be required. This ruling went into effect with this, the May 2009 Pelican meeting. [[3]]

François la Flamme 2003.07 Rowan was submitted under the Legal Name Allowance as it is the submitter's legal given name. As there is no evidence that Rowan was used as a feminine name in period, it falls into the category of "non-period names allowed under the Legal Name Allowance" and its use carries a weirdness. (For a further explanation, see "From Pelican: A Clarification Regarding the Legal Name Allowance" in the Cover Letter to the February 2003 LoAR.)

Rowanis also SCA compatible as a feminine given name. Use of an SCA-compatible name element carries a weirdness. So, whether Rowanis viewed as registerable to the submitter via the Legal Name Allowance or as an SCA-compatible name, its use in this name carries one weirdness.

No evidence has yet been found that two given names were used in Ireland. Two given names are registerable in an Anglicized Irish name (just as they are in Scots), but it carries a weirdness. Therefore, the submitted name has two weirdnesses, which is cause for return. As the submitter allows no changes, we were unable to drop the second given name in order to register this name. [Rowan Katerina O'Flaherty, 07/2003 LoAR, R-Atenveldt]

François la Flamme 2003.04 The LoI noted that the submitter "is actually looking for Rowan, but believes that Roana is as close as she can get." Several commenters noted the ruling:
  • ... Rowan is SCA compatible as a feminine given name, this name is registerable with a weirdness for use of an SCA compatible element. [Rowan Bridget Blackmoor, 01/02, A-Atenveldt]Therefore, the name Rowen de Hauekrig is registerable. We examined the submitter's form to determine whether to register this name as Roana de Hauekrig or Rowen de Hauekrig. The submission form makes no mention anywhere of the name Rowan and notes that the submitter allows no major changes. Neither her form, nor the LoI states that the submitter specifically wishes her name changed from Roanato Rowan if documentation were found for Rowan. Lacking this instruction from the submitter, we have registered this name in the submitted form. [Roana de Hauekrig, 04/2003 LoAR, A-Middle]
François la Flamme 2002.09 Note: there was some confusion regarding the status of Rowan as an SCA-compatible name. Rowan, used as a feminine given name, is SCA compatible. Rowan, used as a masculine given name, is registerable as an Anglicized Irish masculine given name and so does not need SCA compatible status. [Rowan Buchanan, 09/2002 LoAR, A-West]
François la Flamme 2002.01 ... Rowan is SCA compatible as a feminine given name, this name is registerable with a weirdness for use of an SCA compatible element. [Rowan Bridget Blackmoor01/02, A-Atenveldt]
Elsbeth Anne Roth 1999.12 Rowan is SCA compatible. [Rowan of Hakesleah12/99, A-West]
Da'ud ibn Auda (2nd tenure, 2nd year) 1995.09 [Rowen the Shiftless] Rowen is a documented period spelling of a name used by Geoffrey of Monmouth for a fictional character; it was not used by human beings in our period but is considered `SCA-compatible'. (Talan Gwynek, LoAR September 1995, p. 3)
Da'ud ibn Auda (2nd year, 1st tenure) 1991.10 "Rowen is a later form of the old English name Hrodwen, and is perfectly acceptable as such." (LoAR 10/91 p.2).
Baldwin of Erebor 1985.10.20 A quick check of the files turned up six previous instances of Rowan as a given name. Dunkling & Gosling (p.370) and Patrick Woulfe (Irish Names for Children, p.34) equate it with Irish Ruadh, a saint who died c.584. (Farmer 349). [BoE, 20 Oct 85, p.3]


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