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  • Precedents of the SCA College of Arms - [[1]]
  • Morsulus Heralds Website - [[2]] (to search the LoARs and Precedents)
  • Use the above links to be sure any precedents listed below haven't been superseded by newer precedents.


sept 1985, Jan 1994: presumptuous, not a valid Anglicization of Temair[edit]

Da'ud ibn Auda (2nd tenure, 1st year) 1994.01 [Returning Tara ni Connmhaigh.] The prior registration of Tara as a given name hinged on the statement "If the given name and the place name [Temair] are identical in Irish, and Tara is a valid anglicization of the latter, then it should be acceptable as an anglicization of the former." The problem is that Tara is not an acceptable Anglicization of Temair; only of the genitive case of the name: Temra (pronounced approximately 'tev-ra). Tara is not an Anglicization of Temair but rather an English name for the place derived specifically from the context in which it appears as a place name (e.g., "hill of Tara"). (A similar case occurs with Erin, as a poetic English name for Ireland is based on the genitive case (Éireann) of the Irish name Éire.) Since the given name Temair would not normally be found in the genitive, it is unlikely that it would be taken into English in the genitive form. [1/94, p.18]
Baldwin of Erebor 1985.09.15 The association of Tara with magic and with the kings of Ireland is strong enough that, pending solid evidence refuting it, I must proscribe Tara from SCA use. [BoE, 15 Sept 85, p.13]



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