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Period Forms:[edit]

  • Name - Summarize documentation as you would on a submission form - period spelling, type of name (eg. English feminine give name), date, source.

Other Potential Sources:[edit]


  • Precedents of the SCA College of Arms - [[1]]
  • Morsulus Heralds Website - [[2]] (to search the LoARs and Precedents)
  • Use the above links to be sure any precedents listed below haven't been superseded by newer precedents.


Jan 2005: Tegan is mistyping of Tegau, Tegen registered instead[edit]

François la Flamme (2nd tenure) 2005.01 Submitted as Tegen of Liskeard, the submitter argued that this was a spelling variant of Tegan. We note that Heather Rose Jones, A Welsh Miscellany, published in 1993, lists the name Tegan. However, in the article, "Concerning the Name Tegan", written in 1998, she notes that "Tegan is found as an error for Tegau, the name of a female character appearing in Arthurian literature," so it is likely that the first citation reflects this error rather than a true documented form. The name Tegan has been registered over 40 times, including two registrations in 2004. Therefore Tegan is SCA-compatible. However, no documentation was submitted showing that Tegen is a reasonable variant of Tegan. Therefore, we have changed this name to Tegan of Liskeard. [Tegan of Liskeard, 01/2005, A-Atenveldt]



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