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Basic Information:[edit]


Academy of St. Gabriel "Medieval Names Archive" - [[1]] Database of medieval names (from the Medieval Names Archive) - http://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/names/database/ Laurel Name Articles - http:heraldry.sca.org/laurel/

Uffington header in Watts has (Lincs) <Offinton(e)>, <-tvne> 1086-1285, <Uffinton'> 1219, 1243, <Offington>, <-yng-> 1219-1453, <Uffington> from 1231; (Shrops) <Ofitone> 1086, <Offinton(a)>, <-yn-> 1155x62-1462, <Uffitun'>, <-tona> 1177, 1203x10, <Uffeton> c.1291, <Uffinton(e)>, <-yn-> 1195--1668, <Uffington> from 1535; (Oxon) <Uffentune> c.1200, <Uffinton'>, <-yn-> 1197x8, <Uffyngton'> 1248, <Offentone> 1086, <Offinton'>, <-yn-> 1221-1370. [Cambridge Dictionary of English Place-Names, Based on the Collections of the English Place-Name Society]


Precedents of the SCA College of Arms - [[2]] Morsulus Heralds Website - [[3]] (to search the LoARs and Precedents)

From the <month> <year> LoAR: