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Period Forms:[edit]

Lado isn't sure if Zsolt and Zoltan are related, "it's [Zsolt's] correlation with the name Zoltan needs a more thorough investigation"

The 'zs' digraph is post-period; the /zh/ sound (like the s in measure) was mostly just spelled 's' in period.

Solth, Solt per Fehertoi: [1116] Erat autem Solth semper inique cogitationis auctor, qui per iniquitatem suam de Hungaria fuerat expulsus, qui tunc ibi cum Bohemis presens erat; 1221/1550 cives Bekesienses de villa Mehes... impetierunt Solt filium Solt, dicentes quod terram... violenter occupasset. I'm not sure if the first cite is a personal name, but the second one ought to be (and it shows Solt being treated as an undeclinable foreign name). The entry also refers the reader to Cholt, but those really don't sound like personal names: *1233/1416 de gen. Cholt; 1257/1416 forum Choldkuedde [kuedde sounds like it might be related to the Hungarian word for Tuesday]; 1285 montis Chold; 1295/1423 commetaneis Chowlth. (Dates in square brackets are conjectured, and slashes indicate copies. The asterisk indicates a clan name, just in case "de gen." is not obvious enough.)

Kazmer does not have Solt as a patronymic, just as the locative Solti

Zoltan, Zolthan, Zaltan per Fehertoi: [1003] ...nomine Zoltan... sic dicit solet: Erdeelvi Zoltan; 1250 Zoltan fratre suo; 1268 porcionem ... Zoltani et Stephani filiorum sororis sue; [1272-1290] Zolthan filius Chenche; 1275>1383 Zoltanum... filium Tolopch; 1284/1291 Zoltan filys Gabriani; 1293>1349 Zaltano et Marsa fr-bus suis; 1299>1349 et pro Zaltano fr-e; 1294 Zoltanus; 1298 Zoltan officiale Synka. And Kazmer has Zoltan as an unmarked patronymic from 1389 all the way through the end of period, spelled mostly Zolthan, but also Zoltan, Zolthán, Zotan, Szoltan, Zolltan, Soltan, and possibly other variations.

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